Sire - Fly Creek's Kiatah "Kia"
 Dam Fly Creek's "Candy"
Dam - Fly Creek's "Cotton"
Our White German Shepherds
DOB: July 24, 2016
FATHER: JC's Snowcloud White Saber
MOTHER: Renee's Lady Bacardi
COAT: Plush
HEIGHT: 23 Inches
WEIGHT: 70 lbs

Candy is a special girl, highly intelligent with a very happy temperament and is very inquisitive.  Candy is the foundation of our breeding program.

So far her pups have excellent temperaments, health, and ability just like their ancestors which made phenomenal family companions, therapy dogs, trackers and much more.

She is fantastic with other animals and children/babies.  Exceptional dog of great mind and confirmation good. We are so proud to have her as part of our pack and look forward to see what her future holds.
DOB: May 17, 2014
FATHER: Yukon Dan Chapparal
MOTHER:  Unega Chapparal
COAT:  Plush
HEIGHT:  27 inches
WEIGHT:  98 lbs

Kia is an absolutely stunning, regal looking animal; His coat is pure white and he has very dark pigment including dark nails. He carries a plush double coat. 

He has the original, upright hip angulation of his wild ancestors. There have been no hip dysplasia problems in his ancestry for generations.

Kia has a very easygoing personality. He is a giant teddy bear, sweet and gentle with people and animals. He especially likes children.  Kiatah is very obedient and likes to please. His personality and desire to please make him a wonderful family dog.

DOB: July 24, 2016
FATHER: JC's Snowcloud White Saber
MOTHER: Renee's Lady Bacardi
COAT: Plush
HEIGHT: 22 1/2  Inches
WEIGHT: 68 lbs

Cotton is the kind matriarch of the pack. She is a 75 lb beauty with an amazing intelligence that I like to describe as a "freaky human intelligence".

Cotton is sweet and wants nothing more than to please me.  She will win your heart she and has a beautiful conformation, wonderful movement and a very loyal and loving character.  

She has a nice thick double white coat with just a slight bit of light buff lacing around the tips of his ears with beautiful jet black pigment and all black toenails. He's an active well balanced dog.
 Dam Fly Creek's "Kayenta"
DOB: August 6, 2014
FATHER: Kohana Branson
MOTHER: Moiya Chaparral
COAT: Plush
HEIGHT: 25 Inches
WEIGHT: 80 lbs

Kayenta is a sweet dog and very intuitive to those around her.  Kayenta comes from the Chaparral farm a strong solid breeding linage.

She is DM cleared and her hips are OFA certified.  Kayenta has a solid structure and is very playful and even-tempered.

She is fantastic with people and children.  She is highly intelligent and a very loyal dog.  Keyanta's plush snow white coat makes her a true beauty.  We are very happy to have added her into our Fly Creek Farm Family.