Delta Air Transport For Your Puppy
You will need to book your Puppies Flight through Delta Live Animal Cargo.  

Airline travel costs vary from $250 to $350 depending on weight, distance traveled, weight of the puppy and air kennel.  

Fly Creek Farms charges a handling fee of $200 in addition to the cost of the puppy and includes
  • Acclimating the puppy to the pet kennel
  • Delivery to the Airport in airline approved kennel and required blanket, food and water 
  • Required Health Certifications and Veterinary check  (we will provide vet certification/approval that the puppy is healthy for travel and can fly in temperatures between 20 degree to 45 degree weather)

You will need to Call Delta Cargo Customer Service - 800-221-1212 to book your puppies Air Transport Flight. Here is the information they will need to know when booking your puppy's flight:

  • Breed of the puppy, age of the puppy, weight of the puppy, height and length of the puppy
  • Dimensions of the kennel, weight of the kennel (see below for kennel to order and ship to Fly Creek Farms)
  • Your puppy will be shipped out of Fort Wayne Airport in Indiana
  • Find out closest airport to you that Delta Live Animal Cargo ships to The date you would like your puppy shipped (must be at least 8 weeks old to fly)
  • The full name, address, email address and contact phone Number of the person dropping the puppy off at Delta Air Cargo (we will provide you with that information)
  • The full name, address, email address and contact phone number of the person picking up the puppy
  • We know all the requirements and regulations when it comes to everything your puppy will need to flyer Delta   Air Cargo
  • Delta will give you instructions regarding what you need to do in regards to picking your puppy up from the Airport 
  • You will need to pay for the flight through Delta Cargo and pay the additional $200 handling fee to us

You will need to order and pay for the appropriate Airline Approved Kennel and have it shipped it us at

2450 E. 200 S. Lagrange, IN 46761

Kennel size and link to Amazon to order the kennel is below, the highlighted kennel 28" L x 20.5" W x 21.5" H is the correct size of the Kennel needed to fly your puppy

Delta Airline Animal Transport Customer Service  -  800-221-1212

or Visit